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Preparing for The Removalist

Preparing for The Removalist

Moving entails many activities and planning and preparation is critical. Often, people plan for the relocation, pack up personal stuff, prepare moving budgets, but often forget to plan for the removalists. Many are times when the removalist arrives and the mover realizes that they had barely planned for them. To nail a perfect move, prepare for your removalist ahead of time. Never be the last minute man who remembers things when they are demanded. Man With A Truck, one of the leading removalists in Melbourne area, has prepared some easy steps to follow in getting ready for your removalist.

Box Your Stuff

Most removalists offer packing and unpacking services, but even in such cases, there are personal items that the mover must pack before the removalist arrives. In the case where the move does not include a packing service, it is upon the mover to pack a majority of their belongings before the removalist arrives. Acquire the right packing materials and pack your stuff adequately; the better you pack your stuff, the lower the chances that the removalist’s staff will accidentally break them.

All boxes must be labeled after packing. A more appropriate labelling is color coding based on the room in which the box will be placed in the new home. This eases the work of the removalist: each box can easily be placed in the right room and the unpacking will be an easy task for the mover.

Show the Removalist Where to Pack

Where to pack is a simple, yet critical detail, which is often overlooked. However, it is among the things that preoccupy the removalist’s mind and will often call to inform you that they are on the way and that you reserve a parking space for them. If a spot was not already agreed with the removalist’s representative, you will have to secure a spot for them to pack their removal van or truck. If packing is not available on the driveway, the mover will have to seek alternative parking. In Melbourne, just like in other cities, the mover can pay for a street parking or seek permission to park on the shared driveway.

Hire A Baby Sitter for the Kids

When a move involves small kids, a baby sitter needs to be in place. Balancing between kids and moving boxes is not a pleasurable experience. Furthermore, with a team of removalist’s stuff in your house, keeping an eye on the kids may distract you from the more important activities of the day. If kids are involved, on the move day, bring in a baby sitter, a relative, or enlist the services of a day care for the day. This additional help will not only keep your kid safe from accidents, but also maintain their daily schedules such as feeding, playing, and naps intact.

Keep the Tipping Cash in Hand

Tipping the movers is not obligatory, but there are incidences where the stuff do excellent work and go beyond their responsibilities. There is no better way to show that you appreciate their service than to tip them. Before the removalist truck or removal van arrives, prepare the tip. There is no standard amount of tip to give, rather, the amount should be based on the satisfaction attained at the end of the move.

Man With A Truck strives to provide not only professional, but exemplary service. We understand the hassles of the moving day and we allocate a stuff for every move to guide the mover on the critical components of the day. At Man With A Truck, we understand that movers are overwhelmed and rarely get ready in time. Movers are not professional, we are the professionals, and we plan and prepare for the move day to give the customer not only peace, but confidence that an excellent job will get done.

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