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Man With A Truck Taking The Stress Out Of Your Move

Moving houses is an exciting time: the mover is excited at the thought of moving into their newly built home or a home that they have spent millions of dollars to acquire. Moving to Melbourne, a serene environment that everyone wishes to live in, is not only an exciting experience, but a wish of most people. Despite the excitement, moving can be a stressing affair and one wrong move can be costly. Therefore, careful planning is critical moths to the move to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Man With A Truck Experience

Man With A Truck Experience

Man With A Truck are experienced and renowned removalist in Melbourne has developed a list of critical measures, which can make a move in Melbourne less stressful. If followed, these steps will not only reduce moving stress significantly, but also ensure that one nails a perfect move. The steps contain well-planned activities for months leading to the move.

One Month to The Move

Take Stock

There are things that every person rarely uses. Over the years of living in a house, there are stuff, which was acquired, but is no longer useful and is rotting somewhere in the back yard. Rarely is there a need to move with such stuff. The mover can decide to either auction, donate, of throw away the stuff that they do not need.

Discuss the Move Details with The Removalist

After booking a removalist, it’s time to engage. You should get into the fine details of the move with your removalist. They should explain their move process and you should share your expectations and your situation. Different removalists in Melbourne offer different services: discussing your situation with your removalist enables them to customize their services to your situation. It’s also critical that the mover learns of all the services offered; that way, they can adequately prepare for the move and the removalist can prepare for any special circumstances of the move.

Man With A Truck has full public liability and transit insurance, which covers all the mover’s goods while on transit. For any accidental damage cover, the mover may be required to take an additional cover.

Pack Stuff that You Do Not Use Regularly

Starting your moving process early reduces the pressure entailed in the move and maintains your sanity. Start packing stuff that you rarely use such as stuff from the spare rooms, winter or summer clothes depending with the season, and any luxury or sporting equipment you might not be using soon.

Two Weeks to The Move

Throw Away the Unwanted Items

There are items that you do not and will never use: dispose them. This means less stuff on the moving day, and consequently, less time and money on the move.

Clear More Rooms

There are areas that are less used in the weeks to the move. Clear and pack the stuff in these areas. Everything that is never used regularly should be packed.

Change Your Address

You will soon be in a new home and any mail that will be posted days to the move may not reach you. It’s prudent to update your bank, insurance broker, and any other utility company about your new address.

A Week to The Move

Pack Personal Belongings

It’s just days to the move, the packing needs to get more intensive. Start with the rooms that are less occupied and pack room after room as days go by. It’s critical to label different packed boxes based on the rooms they are from. This will not only ease the unpacking for the removalist, but also for you.

On the Moving Day

The D-day is here, and you are already set, waiting for the removalist staff. If you packed your belongings, they are neatly packed in well-labeled cartons and if the packing is by the removalist’s packers, you have them neatly arranged to make it easy for them to pack. Take stock of all the items before they are packed into the removal vans or trucks. It’s also critical that you go through all the rooms after the removalists is done with the parking to ascertain that nothing is left in the rooms.

If you are planning to move in Melbourne, contact Man With A Truck, a reliable and professional removalist in Melbourne area.



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