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Transit Insurance: How it Works

When moving in Melbourne or anywhere around the world, there are many boxes to tick, the transit insurance is one of them: never move without it.

Moving houses means moving your life. Every mover has spent their lifetime making collections of different household items some of which have massive sentimental value. There are possessions which every mover would hate to lose or get damaged; thus, they MUST be kept safe. Unfortunately, the general home and contents insurance does not offer a comprehensive cover for all household items, the household transit insurance cover does.

When moving, any household item will move through many hands. For instance, Man With A Track, any item will move through the packing staff, to the removal vans or tucks, before offloading to the new home. Certainly, if you hire the Man With A Truck to move you, your belongings will certainly be handled professionally. Unfortunately, not amount of careful handling can prevent accidents. The household transit insurance covers against such losses and damages from accidents.

The Transit Insurance Cover Options

Across Melbourne, there are several transit insurance cover options available to any mover. A mover should opt for a transit insurance cover that offers maximum protection to their belongings.

  • Specified Events Cover: it covers the movers’ belongings against any risks that are listed in the cover policy.
  • Transit Insurance: offers cover to the movers’ belongings while they are on the move.
  • All Risks Insurance: the cover protects the mover against any externally caused damages such as scratches and breakages.

To be completely safe, a mover may be forced to take a combination of covers. A mover should also compare different quotes for different covers from different providers, and if possible bargain. In making the comparisons, a mover should take into consideration factors such as exclusions and the excess payment arrangement offered by the insurance company.

Ask Your Removalist

Ask Your Removalist

Most removalists offer insurance covers: a mover should choose a removalist who makes their life simple. Man With A Truck offers a standard moving insurance policy, but with several options of extending the cover. He standard Man With A Truck insurance covers any damage, which may occur to the movers’ belongings while they are in the removal vans or trucks; however, any mover wants their belongings to be covered from the time that the removalist’s staff arrive to the time that they leave. Additional clauses can be made to the cover for such special features.

A mover may also want to cover for the loss or damage of special items such as jewelry, collectables, and any accidental damages. These are all features that can be organized for at the Man With A Truck. We aim to protect and cushion all our customers from Melbourne area against any accidental damages and losses.

Every house mover wants to enjoy their new home, rather than mourn the loss or damage to their belongings. At Man With A Truck, we not only understand this, but we make it possible.

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