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Preparing for The Removalists Team

The time before the removalist team arrive is often the busiest and the most stressful time for any mover in Melbourne. This is the time that most movers are skeptical: will the removalist come, will he have adequate staff and equipment for the move, will the removal vans and trucks be adequate for my stuff, will there be any accidents? There are often endless questions going through the mover’s mind at this time. Beyond the questions, the mover is expected to get ready for the removalist. The DIY movers are often worried if they packed everything and whether they packed it right. The time before the removalist team arrives with their trucks is often the most tensed moment for any mover in Melbourne.

Removalists Team

Even in cases where the removalist’s team will be doing the most work, including the packing, the time before they arrive is still quite long and stressing for the mover. They are concerned with whether the move will be a perfect one.

Fortunately,  Man With A Truck has come up with critical tips that any mover in Melbourne should follow in the time before the removalist’s team arrives. The period before the removalist’s team arrives does not have to be hectic if these steps are followed. In fact, these steps will make the move easier, quicker, and less stressful.

Dismantle Any Equipment that You Can

Rather than spending the time waiting for removalist team doing nothing or passing up and down tensed up, spend the time in a meaningful manner. Dismantle any equipment that you can such as beds and gym equipment. This means that the removalist’s team will have less work to carry out and less time to spend in your home, which translates to a faster move and less cost.

Manage Any Dangerous Goods

Removalists are often not up to transporting dangerous goods such as flammable liquids, explosives, poisons, corrosives, and other dangerous goods. Often, no insurance policy covers such items and no removalist would want to be liable for any accidents resulting from the transportation of such goods. Therefore, it’s prudent for any mover to empty any movers or machinery that contains fuel. Such items should also be kept secret from the rest to avoid any last minute confusion when the removalist’s team is packing other belongings.

Secure A Parking Slot

Most homes in Melbourne have paved driveways for parking. Unfortunately, most removalists, including Man With A Truck, own some heavy trucks, which cannot be packed in driveways. Parking such heavy removal vans and tracks will damage the pavement. Therefore, the mover should secure an ample and safe parking for the removals vans and trucks. The parking should allow the removalist’s staff to maneuver the stuff they will be moving freely and access the property.

Charge Phones

The most daunting obstacle for any move in Melbourne is the removalist team arriving and not being able to reach the mover or track down their home. Often, the assessor is not among the team that is sent for the move, meaning that a move cannot be effected without the client providing access to their home. Therefore, the mover should ensure that their phone is fully charged and on before the removalist’s team arrives. It’s also prudent for any mover to provide the removalist with an alternative contact, just in case their primary phone goes off.




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