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Tips on Avoiding Shoddy Removalists

A home is everything to most people, especially in such serene areas as Melbourne. Therefore, when moving homes, the mover gives the removalist their all. Unfortunately, moving is quite an uncommon activity, which people seldom engage in frequently. This means that a mover is highly unlikely to be a repeat customer any time soon. Man With A Truck, a renowned removalist in Melbourne area, know that shoddy removalists understand this fact well and often exploit it. Shoddy removalists are less concerned with the movers’ satisfaction since they know that they are moving out and will rarely bring them business in the future: they just need the one-off business. The best way to deal with such shoddy removalists in Melbourne, is to know their tactics. Every mover should settle for realistic removalists rather than those that tell them what they want to hear.


Every removalist in Melbourne understands the hard economic times and know that often, movers are on a budget. Professional removalists such as Man With A Truck do not offer cheap, but affordable options, which often entail visiting the movers’ homes and giving them a realistic quotes and cost cutting tips. On the other hand, shoddy removalist throw a bait. They assess and know the mover is on a budget, and give a low-ball cost estimate over the phone or chat. In most instances, the shoddy removalists rarely visit the movers’ homes. Once the mover falls for the low-ball quote and the deal is sealed, often without a written contract, the shoddy removalists moves with speed and packs the mover’s belongings. This is when hell breaks loose: the shoddy removalist hold the goods on ransom and demands more money than it was originally agreed.

The shoddy removalists in Melbourne understand that the mover has a legal recourse. Unfortunately, such an action is not only costly, but time consuming and stressful. Everyone want to settle fast after a move and move on with their normal life. Therefore, often, the shoddy removalist wins.

Red Flags

The best defense for any mover in Melbourne is to identify a shoddy removalist before they have a grip over your belongings. Below are some critical red-flags that every mover in Melbourne should be on the lookout for to identify a shoddy removalist..

  • Upfront Payment: It’s a common industry practice for professional removalists to ask for a commitment fee from all their clients upon the acceptance of a quote. However, it’s not only unreasonable, but raises red flags when a removalists demands for a full upfront payment or a significant amount of the quote as a downpayment. When you receive such requests, be alert.
  • Lack of A Physical Address: Beyond an online office, they lack a physical address where potential clients can go and make inquiries.
  • Insurance Claims: The removalists offers all under one roof service, including an insurance policy, rather than outsource the insurance cover to a third party insurance company.
  • No Company Name: The removalists answers the phone with generic names “moving company” “removalist” or “movers” and never disclose their real names, that’s if they have one. Moving is a costly affair and no one wants additional rip-off from scammers.
  • Rental Trucks: This is often the most selling factor for shoddy removalists. Most, if not all, do not own, but rent their removal vans or trucks. On the move day, they arrive at the mover’s home with rented trucks, which lack any signage, removal equipment, adequate staff, or skilled personnel. No mover should expect anywhere near a good service from such removalists.

Avoiding Shoddy Removalists

Cheaper Than A Van