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Removalist Melbourne

You are excited about your new home. A new home situated in the coastal or leafy suburb is a wish for everyone. You just nailed. You have even gotten new schools for your kids, and you are now psyched for the move. You have settled on hiring a professional removalist rather than settle for friends and family to help you move. You do not want to take any risks. A professional removalist is the safest route to go, but who and how do you settle for the right one?

Man With A Truck come to your rescue. Man With A Truck is a Melbourne based removalists that prides itself for years of excellent service and excellent customer reviews. Below are tried and tested tips for settling for a professional removalist.

Removalist Melbourne

A Home Audit for Size and Content

This may seem obvious for most people: it is your home and you believe that you know everything inside. Unfortunately, that’s not true. Years at a house can result in massive acquisition of different items, and as soon as items stop being used, they find their way in the shed, lawn, garage, store, or any other available room. Years at one residence means accumulated stuff. Before calling a removalist, go round your home taking stock and recording such items. It’s always a good step to take stock of such items, and more particularly the large items: take their dimensions and record them.

It’s easy to forget the outdoor items, but these are the heaviest and bulkiest. Items such as BBQs, lawn mowers, outdoor lounges, and plants will need to be moved if they are not being disposed. Take stock of them all since they will determine the cost of your move, the boxes needed to move them, and the vehicle to use, either a removal van or truck.

Man With A Truck

The next step is often getting quotes: get quotes from at least three removalists. There are different factors that will be at play when getting a quote: the distance between the homes, the volume, size, and weight of your belongings, and the insurance. A good removalist, beyond giving a quote, should be in a position to explain the different cost components and advising their clients on how to reduce them.

Compare Prices, but do Not Always Opt for The Cheapest

Cheap is Expensive is a common adage: this applies to choosing a removalist too. Moving houses is a significant activity, do not risk your valuables with a removalist just because they offered a highly competitive quote. Get a reputable removalist in Melbourne, visit their offices and ask questions, carry out due diligence from past client reviews. Depending on the volume and size of your belongings, among the most critical factors to consider is the size and number of their removal vans and truck, availability of back-up removal vans and trucks, and accreditation status among other stuff.

Ascertain the Services Offered

A reliable removalist most be in a position to offer extra services to make your move easy and stress-free. For instance, any removalist worth a mention must provide the pack and unpack services, extra boxes if needed, and vacate cleans. Above all, any professional removalist must offer an insurance cover for your move.

My experience with  Man With A Truck was invaluable and I would highly recommend it to anyone moving within Melbourne area. I have moved thrice, but none of my moves has been handled as professionally as the Man With A Truck did. I was on a budget, and beyond giving me a transparent quote, we sat down and discussed the cost cutting measures that I would implement to cut down on costs. .

Cheaper Than A Van