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Man With A Truck Melbourne

Man With A Truck Melbourne knows that the packing up & moving your things from one place to another is never anyone’s idea of a good time… Except for the team here at Man With A Truck Melbourne. It’s what we do & we love doing it. Get Man With A Truck to do all the work for you. Kick back, relax and enjoy the easiest relocation you’ve ever experienced.

The team here at Man With A Truck offer the full-service Melbourne removalist experience. We cover all the bases & leave no stone unturned in our effort to facilitate a smooth & relaxing relocation experience. It’s doesn’t matter where you’re moving to, how much you have to move or how many flights of stairs you have., The  Man With A Truck Team will do what ever it takes to gaurantee that you feel you have received real value for money.

Man With A Truck Melbourne Offer.

Man With A Truck Melbourne provides you with fully trained , fully equiped and fully insured removalists. We know just how stresfull moving can be , so we leave no stone unturned to makes sure your experience in one that will have you returning to us for your next move.

Man With A Truck Melbourne

Man With A Truck Team

  • The Man With A Truck Team will come to your house/office or wherever your things are stored. We can disconnect your washing machine and even take your beds aparts 
  • Then the Man With A Truck Team will safely & securely load your belongings into our moving trucks.
  • Once the truck is fully loaded with all of your possessions and everything has been secured safely, then we will proceed to the drop off.
  • If you are moving your belongings into storage, we always recommend you trying to get a ground floor storage unit, This saves alot of time and is more cost effective for you.
  • when you are moving to a new residence, the Man With A Truck Team will place your items in the rooms you require. We will also set up your beds if you need aswell.

At Man With A Truck Melbourne Removalist, we truly beleive that we have the experience to be able to offer you a service that really ensures smooth and stress free moving day.

Man With A Truck thanks Melbourne for it’s supoort now completing well over 25,000 house moves. Our goal is it truly do your move as safely and fast as possible whilst providing you with the best customer service possible.

Man With A Truck, Melbourne’s favorite removalists. Give us a call on 03 8060 0570 or get a free quote & we can discuss what you need or get you a quote on what you want to move.

We can’t wait to do business with you and your belongings!

Man With A Truck – Cheaper than A Van, since Size Does Matter!

Size Does Matter

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    Cheaper Than A Van