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What Not to Pack in the Revovalist’s Trucks

You are done building or buying your new home, you have sold your old home, and you have booked the services of a trusted removalist in Melbourne area: great, you are now set to move. You can now start the parking, and it must start early enough. Unfortunately, most movers assume that packing is just getting things in boxes: that’s not it. Before you start packing, it’s good that you consider what to and not to pack.

In Melbourne,  there are stuff that must never be packed, more so when you are hiring the services of a removalist. Stuff, which may be harmful to you, your property, or the removalist stuff and items that must be accessed easily and fast should not be packed in the removals vans and trucks.  Man With A Truck provides a list of items, which must not be packed in the removalist’s vans and trucks.

Hazardous Materials

In Melbourne, there are Dangerous Goods Acts, which prohibit anyone from transporting goods, which are marked as high risk. The materials, which are normally categorized as high risk are pesticides, explosives, fuels, car batteries, and paints. Whether you are moving interstate or in Melbourne, you should suffice your removalist with a list of all the items that cannot be moved safely.

Personal Documents

There are personal documentations, which must not only be packed with the boxes that will be moved by your preferred removalist, but must also be kept safe. Such documents include passports, any certificates, documentation on the sale and purchase of the houses, and any other personal documents. No one wants to end up spending days unpacking just to get a document, which is mixed up in some cartons. To be safer, the man with A truck suggests that movers have a photocopy of all the critical personal documents, just in case.

Valuable Items

Everyone has something or things that they hold dear; they may be the family album, a group photo with some friends on holiday, a marriage photo portrait, and all other valuable and irreplaceable items. No mover wants these landing in the removalist’s man with a vans and trucks. Man With A Truck suggests that the mover carry these items personally.

Perishable Items

These are the worst items to load in the removals vans and trucks: they can be utterly messy and destructive. Imagine a spill of rotten food stuff on your material sofa set. Man With A Truck suggests avoiding moving with any perishable items: it’s not worth the damage they can cause.

Overnight Necessities

Whether you are moving or not, life goes on: there are items that you will need on a daily basis, more so, the first night in your new house. These essential items must not be packed with the other items; the mover can move with them in their car.

Revovalist’s Trucks

If on the move in Melbourne and you are unsure of the stuff to pack, consult Man With A Truck, one of the most professional removalists in Melbourne, they will give you the best advice for a safe and proper move.




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