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Tips for Negotiating with Your Removalist

Tips for Negotiating with Your Removalist

The cost of a move cannot be underrated: moving is expensive. There are cost estimates provided by different bodies; for instance, AMSA estimates an interstate move at $4,300 and a local move to be $2,300. However, these are just estimates to give you a picture of how much to expect in a move. In reality, the cost of any move will be dependent on such critical factors as the choice of removalist, the distance, weight, and the extra services sought. Above all, a critical factor on the cost is a person’s negotiation skills: the better a person’s negotiation skills, the lower will be the cost of the move. So, how does one negotiate with their removalist and end up with massive cost savings. Man With A Truck has compiled a list of some tried and tested tips, which will earn you an affordable and pocket-friendly quote from your removalist. If employed in any move around Melbourne area or any other locality, you are bound to win some great price cuts.

Do Not Be Scammed

The starting point and the most critical factor to consider is that you must deal with a reputable removalist like Man With A Truck. One should never settle on a removalist based on their offering the lowest price alone: often, such removalists are scammers. Securing a competitive price is a good thing, but having a removalist who offers an extremely low price should send a red flag. Often, scammers offer extremely low prices as a bait to customers, but in the end, the amount charge will be inflated beyond the imagination of any customer.

To avoid being scammed, do your homework: conduct a thorough background search on all your shortlisted removalist, and settle on one that not only offers an affordable price, but an assurance of nailing a perfect move.

Compare Removalist Quotes

Hiring the services of a professional and the most outstanding removalist like Man With A Truck may give you a peace of mind, but that comes at a price, which may be a hindrance in making the right decision. Fortunately, moving costs are not static, they vary depending on the removalist even if all the other factors remain constant. Therefore, before one can start negotiating, they need to know what different removalists have on offer.

The best starting point for negotiating with your removalists is shortlisting 3-5 licensed and accredited removalists. Request for a printed quote and an in-house survey, which will ensure that the final charge will be as close to the quote as possible. It is critical to note that the more the number of quotes, the better are your chances at bargaining with the removalists.

Get Your Best of Negotiation Skills

No removalist is static with their quotes: you can negotiate. In fact, you should negotiate once you receive the quotes from different removalists. You should take advantage of the different quotes to land the best deal. Below are tactical strategies to negotiate with your removalist to lower their quote.

Normally, any removalist is ready to lower prices and offer discounts rather than lose a potential client to competitors.

You probably have settled for a removalist, but their quote is not the lowest. Exercise your negotiation powers: approach the removalist with the lowest quote you have on offer. Inform them that you would be interested to give them the job, but their quote is beyond your reach. Ask them to match up the quote or even beat the deal. Any serious removalist will try to match up.

Flexibility is key in the negotiation. A majority of the removalists is ready to lower their prices, but they will ask for some compromises such as early booking and choosing a good moving date. If you can agree to such compromises, you are sure to land a great deal.

Man With A Truck, a well-known removalist in Melbourne area, adopts a transparent pricing strategy, which is based on the number of hours spent on the move. Man With A Truck appreciates that moving is not cheap, but is more than willing to work with the client to make their more not only smooth, but hassle-free. Man With A Truck maintains an open door policy, which allows our clients and prospective clients to negotiate. Our target is often to reach a mutual agreement with our client. Our core believe is that the client is cornerstone of our operations.




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