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Tips for Moving When on A Budget

Tips for Moving When on A Budget

Moving is an exciting experience: the mover is in transit to a new adventure, but it can also be a stressing and expensive affair. The stress bit can be alleviated by reaching out to friends and family or meditation, but the financial burden, can be a tricky hurdle to circumvent, but not an impossible one. In any move, there are area where one cannot use short cuts, but there are significant areas, which are open to budgetary cuts with minimal effects. Man With A Truck acknowledges that moving does not have to be overly expensive and provides excellent cost cutting tips for any mover on a budget.

Evaluate Your Moving Budget

Prior to any move, one needs to assess how much they have for the move. A budget is critical: it will be a guide on the amount to be allocated for the different expenses such as the removalist, moving supplies, and deposit and rent for the new house. It is also critical to budget for the new home. The new home needs some supplies and without proper budgeting, one may end up stuck for the first few days before they can reorganize themselves.

Get Quotes

After establishing the amount of money you have for the move, it’s time to get the quotes of different removalists. Reach out to friends and family for recommendations and know that most of the given quotes are not static: one can always seek a bargain. It is also critical to be transparent about your budget with the different removalists so that they can be transparent with their expectations. The aim is to get a removalist who can work with your budget, but this is often settled upon after the removalists visits your house and establishes the amount of belongings. Moving during off-peak is another valuable strategy when on a budget. Though a challenge, moving during winter or fall is relatively cheaper than moving in summer.

Sell or Donate Stuff You Do Not Need

The removalist will always determine their charges based on the hours taken to complete the job. For anyone on a budget, the lesser their belongings, the cheaper the move. Furthermore, there is no benefit of moving with stuff that barely one needs. A preferred option is to conduct a sale where one can earn the more deserving extra coin. For the stuff that are not sellable, one can donate them or thrown away; this will reduce the removalist charges, which is the primary goal when one is moving on a budget.

Take Advantage of What You Have

With only the necessary stuff, it’s time to move. To cut down on the moving expenses, one will need to consider using the items that are readily available in the house. For instance, one can use sheets and blankets as padding materials instead of buying parking paper. This is an effective cost cutting strategy, and the materials can be used to tap your belongings for additional security.

Consider a DIY Move

After an evaluation of the costs of different removalists, one may still find them to be beyond their means. The next available option is the DIY. The option is cheap, but not completely free. The mover will still have to cater for the removal van and truck hire costs, gas, and moving supplies among other expenses. It’s practically impossible to move all by yourself: one will be forced to enlist the help of friends and family. Normally, friends and family will not demand a pay, but it’s prudent to treat them to a night of BBQ and some beers after the job is done.

My last move was not one of the most memorable: I had lost a job and was moving to a smaller and cheaper house. I was short on cash, and saying I was on a budget cannot be put better. I had shopped around for professional removalists, but of all the quotes I got, Man With A Truck’s quote was the fairest. I booked an appointment with them and came out clean on my budget. I negotiated on the grounds that I was moving within Melbourne area and all my stuff combined only need a couple of removal vans or a single truck to ferry. We settle for a truck and some cost cutting measures, and the move was effected.

I would recommend Man With A Truck for anyone moving in Melbourne area. Man With A Truck is not only professional, but puts the interests of the client first.





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