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Packing Tips for Your Next Move


Moving is often an engaging and tiring activity. Every mover in Melbourne area is often excited with the thought of moving into their new home. However, the thought of the activities that entail moving into the new house are daunting. The activities are many, from packing, to moving, to unpacking, to looking for the best removalist, to the choice of the best cover. Mistakes can happen at any stage and can be costly.

Of all the activities of any move in Melbourne, packing is the most cumbersome. There are often two choices involved: hiring professional packers such as Man With A Truck packers or DIY packing. The professional packers are preferred by many movers. Unfortunately, even with professional packers, one is not excluded from the exercise completely. They must be engaged in every move. When not hiring professional packers in Melbourne, the mover is often on a budget, and any cost cutting measures are more than welcome. When moving on a budget, many movers prefer the DIY packing.

Irrespective of the mode of packing, there are critical tips, which have been tested and proven to work on all cases. If followed, these tips are not only going to make your next move in Melbourne a perfect one, but as stress-free as possible.

Label Everything to The Fine Detail

It is critical to label each carton depending on which room’s items are inside; however, that may not be enough. A clever mover should label the carton with what is inside. Labeling each carton with what is inside will save someone a significant amount of time and hassle while unpacking. Knowing every item in a carton to its fine details is critical since a mover will not have to scramble for the most unused items while unpacking.

Use Clear Containers

When kids are involved, it’s prudent to pack their clothes and toys in a clear container. Often, kids do not understand that you moved and everything is not in their usual places. They will want to play or wear their favorite dress even if you moved in yesterday. To save yourself the pain of searching and make the move as less impact on the children, park all the kids’ items in clear containers.

Take Photos of Electronics Set Up

All electronic gadgets have a way that they are connected to work. A wrong connection can turn awful and may result in accidents. To be safe and ease the pain of reconnecting any electronics after moving in, take photos of all your electronics before unplugging them: the aim is to capture the way the cables were plugged in. This makes it easy when setting up the electronics in the new home: rather than consult the manual, some of which may have been lost over time, you consult the photos. While taking photos, it’s also prudent to take stock of all the items before the move.

Pack A First Night Box

Moving is a cumbersome as it gets, and often, no mover is well-prepared for the exercise. Therefore, by the time one is arriving in their new home in Melbourne, they are too tired to move even a limb. This is where smart-packing comes at play. On the first night, one will need their essential items such as the pajamas, basic toiletries, some ready to eat meal, and probably a movie to kill the night off and get ready for all the unpacking the next day.

Load the Heaviest Stuff First

Man With A Truck offers some massive moving trucks. For such trucks, weight distribution is of critical importance. The heaviest stuff should be placed at the bottom of a truck or removals van, and everything else can be placed at the top. Such as an arrangement is not only safe for the movers belongs, but also for the truck: one is guaranteed of the stability of the truck against tipping over.

Packing Tips for Your Next Move

Cheaper Than A Van