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Moving With Fragile Items

You have made your best efforts, bought your new home, and secured the Man With A Truck, one of the best removalist in Melbourne: you have nailed it. However, despite all the efforts, there remains some critical measures that cannot be overlooked. Overconfidence and careless packing can make an otherwise smooth move turn tragic. The most challenging bit of any move is avoiding damage on personal property. There are items that can take a beating and still get out unscathed. However, there are delicate items that get broken even with the slightest careless handling.

Just because some items are brittle and frail, it does not mean that they should not survive a move. In Melbourne, Man With A Truck is a professional removalist who offers a wide range of packing services. Any mover in Melbourne can use our packing expertise and training to keep their frail items safe in any move. Below are some expert tips on how to pack some fragile household items for a move.

Ceramic and Glass Plates

The main challenge in packing plates beyond being fragile is stacking weighty items one on top of another. The removal van or truck hits a small bump on the road and everything is broken into pieces. To guarantee the safety of your plates, you need to pack them vertically in small and medium boxes. A bubble wrap must be stacked in between plates to offer protection.


The most challenging items in any packing are normally glasses. Glasses come in different shapes and sizes, making stacking them together a heinous task. Man With A Truck recommends that movers wrap their glasses with paper. Each glass should be filled with crumpled paper to reduce the open space. Plenty of packing paper should also be stuffed in the cartons containing the glasses to offer bottom and side to side protection of the glasses.

Picture Frames

These are valuable items that capture some great moments in life. You have some portrait photos of you sunbathing in some beach or a glorious wedding portrait photo. The thought of such photos being broken is traumatizing enough. The large photo frames, which cannot fit in cartons should be wrapped individually with wrapping paper or padded paper. The small photo frames, which can fit in cartons should be packed vertically and plenty of padding used to prevent them from crashing on each other.

Electronic Equipment

Electronic equipment come in different shapes and value. There are the modern LED televisions, some almost the size of an entire wall. These are not only expensive to purchase, but equally expensive to repair: they need careful and professional handling. There are other electronics such as computers, home theatres, and iron boxes, which is not well-handled, properly-secured, or dropped when loading into the removal vans and trucks, are bound to break. Man With A Truck suggests that such electronics be packed in their original cases if available. If the packages are not available, pack the items in moving blankets, add some padding, secure the item with a tape and label accordingly.


These are often monumental items; some are quite costly and no one would imagine losing them. For movers with such items, it’s good to work with a removalist company in Melbourne that provides specialized art transport. Choosing such a company ensures that the art is packed in specialized containers and protected with the right materials such as the slat crates and travelling frames. Furthermore, companies that offer specialized transport for art, will also provide a supervisor to oversee the packing, transportation, and unpacking and ensure that the art is secured and moved safely.

Man With A Truck

Man With A Truck provides dependable and professional moving services in Melbourne. Man With A Truck offers everything you need for your move including removal vans and trucks, loading equipment, crates and storage facilities, and packing services. Man With A Truck is a one shop for all your moving needs in Melbourne.

Moving With Fragile Items



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