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Money Saving Tips for Your Next Move In Melbourne

Money Saving Tips for Your Next Move

Moving is not only a stressful and time consuming affair, but also a n expensive activity. Hiring the services of a professional removalist is bound to cost a couple of a thousand bucks. Even in the DIY moves, there are expenses, which are inevitable coupled with breakages since the items will be handled by unprofessional people. Irrespective of the size and distance of the move, these costs can be daunting.

Over the years,  Man With A Truck, a professional and reliable removalist in Melbourne, has moved many clients across Melbourne. Man With A Truck has heard and listened to the cries of most movers, and come up with some critical cost cutting tips for any move.

Pack Yourself

In Melbourne, a significant number of removalists base their billing on the number of hours spent on a move. To reduce the time spent on a move, pack a significant amount of your belongings: pack everything that you can park comfortably and securely. Professional packers can be fast, but when you are not in a hurry, it would be preferable to start packing months to the move and reduce on the packing cost rather than weight for a last minute rush and hire the professional and fast packers.

Take Advantage of Free Packing Stuff

Moving boxes are among the most needed stuff when moving, which means that they can accrue a significant amount of the moving cost. Fortunately for any mover in Melbourne, there are many stores, which are willing to give out their supply cartons for free or at a relatively fair price. Friends, family, and neighbors are also a valuable source of packing boxes.

Get Quotes from Multiple Removalists

Melbourne has a collection of different removalists and each has their pricing mechanisms. The best approach for settling for a removalist in Melbourne is getting different quotes from at least three different removalists. Each quote should be given after a site visit by the removalist’s representative.

Chose The Right Season and Date to Move

There is a season and time for everything. Moving is no different; the timing of your move plays a significant role in the cost since the moving rates vary depending on the season. For instance, moving in summer, which is often the peak moving period in Melbourne, will cost you more than moving in winter, which is an off-peak season. Furthermore, the day of the week you schedule your move also matters in the cost: a weekend move is bound to be more expensive compared to a week day move.

Man With A Truck suggests that any mover be critical when choosing their moving season and day so that to take advantage of the cost-saving opportunities available in different seasons. If one lacks the option of choosing their move season, there are other cost-cutting options available.

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