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Green Is the Way to Go on Your Next Move

Moving is often a costly affair, not only to the mover, but on the environment too. In the 22nd century, the environment is key, and all human efforts must be targeted towards environmental conservation. Moving is no different, efforts must be made to ensure that it is not only pocket-friendly, but also produces minimal damage on the environment. Going green is the in-thing.

Melbourne, the coastal capital of the southeastern Australian state of Victoria, is a darling of many. Many residents revere and cherish the coastal town, which over the years has maintained its beauty. Melbourne does not only pride itself for having a modern Federation Square development, which houses plazas, bars, and restaurants by the Yarra River, but also a clean environment, which offers an excellent ambience for all and sundry. Melbourne is just the place to be, but that calls for concerted efforts, even from the smallest of activities. Man With A Truck, a renowned removalist in Melbourne area, is dedicated to doing their part in conserving Melbourne’s environment.

Man With A Truck

Man With A Truck

Man With A Truck, we value the environment. In the recent past, the number of moves has been on the rise, that amounts to more business, but more environmental pollution. A single move can produce significant waste. Often, people also believe that going green means additional costs, but it’s complete reverse in moving. The less one is carrying, the less emissions they produce. Disposing off the unnecessary stuff not only lowers moving costs, but also produces less carbon print. Man With A Truck, we believe in cutting emissions: we make careful assessments of our clients’ belongings and allocate the most appropriate Truck or Van. Removal Man With A Van are allocated to the smallest of the jobs to avoid return trips, which amount to more emissions.

Garage Sale / Do Away with Stuff

Every household has a bulk of stuff that they do not need. Some of the stuff have accumulated over the years, and will only be noticed on the move. Before you move, organize a garage sale or an online auction for all the stuff that you do not need. This will not only make you an additional coin, but will reduce your lode, and consequently, the emissions to the environment.

For goods that do not sell, consider donating them. This is an effective strategy to avoid the goods ending up in a landfill.


In any more, furniture removal cartons are one of the most significant waste byproducts. Each year, tons of removal cartons are dumped in landfills, creating an environmental degradation issue. Man With A Truck, we do not recommend that our clients use purpose-specific boxes, but rather any available boxes such as those from the green grocery stores. This is not only reusing what would have been dumped as waste and saving the environment, but also saving on cost. One can also hire furniture removal cartons and return them after use, hence eliminating waste that could have ended in landfills.


At the end of a move, there are overly damaged cartons. Such cartons need to be recycled, rather than being dumped off as waste and ending in landfills.

Appropriate Disposal of Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste is the most dangerous to the environment; it affects both flora and fauna. Hazardous and toxic waste should be dumped appropriately. Such items are often not transferable and one should check with the Melbourne local authorities on the toxic waste drop off points.

Man With A Truck, we are concerned with the environment and carry out due diligence to produce the least possible emissions. We appreciate and value the beauty of Melbourne and strive to preserve it. We advise all our clients on the best way to pack and move their belongings so as they produce the least emissions. Going green is at the core of Man With A Truck’s operations.



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