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Cheap Versus Value For Money Removalists

Moving is a hassle, every person who has moved can attest to this fact. Moving is also a costly affair, and we all want to cut the cost to the bare minimum. Unfortunately, if one goes to the cheapest removalist in Melbourne area, they might be exposing themselves to unforeseen risks and consequently higher costs that emanate from poor handling and management of one’s belongings.

A practical situation would be a removalist in Melbourne that offers significantly lower prices than competition. How does the removalist make money? The removalist cannot be deliberately sacrificing their profits, rather, they could be using shortcuts to save money. These shortcuts turn out being expensive to the mover in the long run.

Man with A Truck, we understand the cost of shortcuts and advise our clients on the most appropriate pricing strategy for the removalist and the mover. Over the years, we have witnessed competitors within the Melbourne area engage in questionable practices and have developed a list of risks that any mover should be warry of when choosing an extremely cheap removalist.

Sharing A Truck Or Removal Van

Often, the removalists who charge extremely low prices must find a way to make money, the best strategy is pooling different clients in one Van or Truck. When you book your move, you are scheduled with another mover and your belongings are carried in one Van or Truck. This enhances the economies of scale, which enables the removalist to lower their costs. If the removalist fails to get a similar booking as yours, they may be forced to cancel the move since a single move is not viable financially.

Below Industry Standard Service

Cheap removalists will strive to cut costs with all means possible. The wrapping materials used may not meet the industry standard. This cost cutting strategy by the removalist may be costly to the mover since their belongings may not be adequately protected, resulting in damages and breakages.

Untrained Staff

The most common cost cutting strategy by cheap removalists is employing untrained staff. Untrained staff are paid much lower than the normal industry wage rates, which allows the removalist to save on labor costs. Unfortunately, such staff lack the adequate skills to safely load and unload furniture into trucks. Furthermore, these is inadequate number of staff, which means that there are no trained supervisors to oversee the loading and unloading of your valuables. The result is damaged property and significant inconveniences, which exceed the cost savings.

Unserviced and poorly Maintained Vans and Trucks

For cheap removalists, cost cutting takes priority over the safety of the mover’s belongings. To cut costs the cheap removalists do not service their Vans or Trucks adequately or use Vans and trucks that are not designed to carry furniture. The right built vehicles have features that are designed to offer adequate protection to the mover’s belongings such as air ride suspension. Such Vans and trucks are often beyond the reach of cheap removalists, which means a compromise in the safety of the movers’ belongings.

Lack of Extras

The extras offered by a removalist are among the main attractions to most movers: they enhance the value for money for any client. Unfortunately, most cheap removalist target to attain cut-throat prices to win clients. Even the industry norms such as wrapping and packing materials may not be included in the base quote, and may only be provided as “Optional Extras.”

Man with A Truck, a renowned removalist in Melbourne area, we strive to offer affordable, but not cheap services. Among our customer care practices is to sit down with the client and try to come up with a budget, which is agreed upon with the client, and suits all their needs. Beyond the budget, the primary concern at Man With A Truck is the safety of the mover’s belongings. We discuss with all our clients and make them understand that “Cheap is Expensive” and to offer them excellent and professional service, there is a cost to be incurred. The ultimate goal Man with A Truck is to move you in peace. Man With A Truck take all the measures that guarantee the safety of your belongings, but that will come at an affordable price.

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