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Cheap Removalists Shortcuts

Are you planning to move soon? If you have the intentions of moving anywhere around Melbourne, you need to be wary. Any move across Melbourne exposes to several shoddy removalists with several dirty tricks, just like in any other city in the world. There have been complaints about removalists who change delivery times without notice to the client, store client’s items and demand for an extra storage fee, and hold their client’s goods and demand for an extra pay before they can deliver. These are all dirty tricks, which shoddy removalists engage in in Melbourne. Information is power and you need information to prepare for the next move in Melbourne. You need to know and understand the dirty removalist tricks that have been witnessed by different moving clients across Melbourne so that you can protect yourself.

Man With A Truck Service

According to AFRA, which is the licensing body for all Removalists in Melbourne area, all removalists cooperate with clients in resolving all legitimate complaints. AFRA argues that all removalists want repeat business, and if they fail to comply, AFRA may penalize them by taking money from their bond or suspending their membership.

Unfortunately, neither AFRA’s code of conduct nor the audit process addresses most of the concerns that have been raised by clients against different removalists. AFRA’s training program is not even designed to prevent such removalists evils as overcharging, damage on property, and poor service. Therefore, the only way that a client can cushion themselves against such evils is assessing the removalist’s contract before signing it.

At Man With A Truck, we appreciate that the customer is at the core of our business: without clients, we are as well extinct. We also believe in making our client’s move as perfect and smooth as possible, to create a good reputation for our business.  Man With A Truck understands that accidents are accidents: no matter the precautionary measures, accidents still happen. AT Man With A Truck, we have made it out business to cooperate with all our clients in resolving any complaints.

Rather than tackle bad publicity, Man With A Truck believes in tackling customer complaints to the best outcome possible.

Removalist’s Failure

Is your removalist adequately equipped for a perfect move? The damage on property while on the move can be bad, but the loss of belongings, late delivery, or failure to provide the basic requirements for any move can be distressing and cause customer dissatisfaction. Among the major complaints raised by many movers include late deliveries, broken or lost items, inadequate transit insurance covers, and overcharging.

Man With A Truck, we believe in size. Unlike the removalists vans, which are often forced to make more trips in any move around Melbourne, offer inadequate space for the mover’s goods resulting in breakages, Man With A Truck offers adequate and ample space for any-sized belongings. Man With A Truck also provides a Transit insurance, which covers all the customer’s belongings when moving anywhere in Melbourne. The adequate staff and truck at the Man With A Truck are also a valuable asset in ensuring that all the customers’ belongings are delivered anywhere across Melbourne in a timely manner.






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